Send Free SMS to Pakistan

There are a few very good Android apps that allow you to send free SMS to Pakistan. Free SMS Pakistan, is as its name suggests one app that you can use for this purpose. This app will really blow your mind because it has especially been created for use by Pakistanis living overseas. However, it is equally useful for those who live in Pakistan and who want to send free SMS to Pakistan.

The nice thing about using Free SMS Pakistan is that you do not have to register yourself to use the app. You also do not require a balance in your account to use this service and there is also no type of package required to use the free SMS service. The best part about using this app is that you can use it to send and also receive SMS from any network in Pakistan. In addition, you also have this facility if you are living in countries like USA and Saudi Arabia as well as UAE and England.

There are several ways to use this app including by:

· Sharing the app with a person with whom you wish to correspond

· Writing the name of the recipient on the contact bar

· Writing your message and then simply sending it

This is however not the only Android based app to send free SMS to Pakistan. You can also make use of another app, which is called FREE SMS TO PAKISTAN & INDIA. This particular app will give you the opportunity of sending free SMS to not only Pakistan but also to India. The nice thing about using this app is that it won’t cost you a single rupee to use it. All that you need is to be connected to the Internet or GPRS. The app can be used on any network and is very quick as well.


This app is a one-way communication application. It allows you to send free SMS to Pakistan but you cannot receive any messages. It operates without any network because it makes use of 3G and 4G as well as Wi-Fi connectivity. To use this app, you must:

· Provide your number in the FROM BAR

· Provide the recipient’s number in the TO SEND BAR

· Write down your message

· SEND it

All these apps are very useful and will help you send free SMS to Pakistan. You can use them to stay in close touch with your friends and family members. None of the apps require you to spend any money and they are all very easy to use. Since there are billions of people who use Android phones, these apps will prove to be very useful indeed.

Even if you do not own an Android phone, you can still send free SMS to Pakistan. All that you need to do is:

· Select your network

· Type in the number

· Type your name

· Type a message that does not contain more than 421 characters

· Enter the Security Code

· Your message will then be sent

To use this service, you won’t need to register or pay anything. Just follow the steps outlined above and enter a message that is not longer than 421 characters and you are done.

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